Ayuntamiento de Constantina

Bar Alameda, 46

The establishment was started in the 1960s by a Basque with the surname Benito, which is why in Constantina, although the bar is called Alameda 46, because of its location, it is still called “el vasco” (the Basque) in honour of its founder. Since 2007 it has been run by the cook Rosa María Gallego.

The establishment is small. Inside it has only a bar and five tables. But outside it has a large terrace, with awning for bad weather. The activity starts early, one of the bars that opens earlier and a meeting point for the monteros and country folk. Then at midday and in the evening tapas and classic and assorted rations. As a curiosity they have ancas de rana, a tapa that used to be common in Constantina but nowadays you can’t find it in many places. In season there are mushrooms such as pheasants, a characteristic product of Constantina, poplar mushrooms or other mushrooms prepared in different ways.